Sedation Dentistry – Yorktown Heights, New York

Dr. Wetzler is trained and licensed by New York State to administer oral conscious sedation. With this method, patients take a pill one hour before their appointment is scheduled. You will need to be accompanied by an adult and driven to our office. This method of sedation allows anxious patients to complete treatment comfortably and relaxed. Hours will seem like minutes as sedation medications have an amnesic effect. That means you will have very little, if any, memory of the visit.  When  your visit is complete you may be a bit wobbly so your companion will drive you home and stay with you for the rest of the day.  You’ll be amazed at how much can be accomplished in such a seemingly short period of time.  This is a great option for patients who have been delaying treatment because of anxiety.A comfortably relaxed patient

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