Tooth Extraction – Yorktown Heights, New York

There are occasions when despite all efforts, a tooth is deemed hopeless and must be extracted. This may be due to trauma, a fracture or extensive caries. Dr. Wetzler will evaluate the situation and provide a comprehensive treatment plan including extraction, grafting if needed and restorative options including implants. He will coordinate with your general dental office so that you receive the best care.

Dr. Wetzler knows that each patient is very concerned about tooth loss and the prospect of tooth extraction. To make the procedure as predictable and comfortable as possible, Dr. Wetzler uses Physics Forceps.  These instruments have an innovative design that provide a simple mechanical advantage by employing class one lever mechanics.

The advantages of using Physics Forceps include:

  • predictable and efficient extractions
  • bone preservation at the site which is especially important for the placement of implants and for aesthetics
  • increased ease and speed of the procedure
  • decreased trauma to the site
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