i-CAT Scanner 


The i-CAT scanner by Imaging Sciences International is a state-of-the-art cone beam scanner.  This machine produces a digital 3 dimensional image of the jaws.  These images allow Dr. Wetzler to see the patient’s anatomy in 3 dimensions without distortion, magnification, restricted clarity, high radiation dose or lack of accuracy in measurements found in other imaging systems.

This means greater surgical predictability and reduced surgery time.  Because the scanner is in Dr. Wetzler’s office, it means less wasted time for you. Other offices that do not have this machine will give you a prescription to have a Denta-scan done at a radiologist’s office. You then have to call that office, make an appointment, drive to that office, fill out more paperwork, wait until you are called and then have your scan.  There is another delay as the radiologist then has to send the scan to Dr. Wetzler.  By having the scan done in Dr. Wetzler’s office at the time of your appointment, you save time and hassle.

i-CAT scanner and images